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Nehalennia 1

Straker Ragnarok 

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Maximillian Straker


‘Nia, bring wine!’ Captain Bloodaxe bellowed from the battlements of his stone tower.

Nehalennia was down below, and took a moment to peruse her grandfather’s wine rack, which had been labeled Death Row, in red Norse runes. 

‘Which bottle?’ 

‘Any. It’s all the same old slop.’

‘I bring this one with the lion.’ Nehalennia had been playing soldier in chainmail hauberk and helmet, and jingled as she strode two by two up the narrow stone stairs. 

‘Hammer of Thor! A fierce young raider!’ Magnus nearly leaped out of his rocking chair, for his granddaughter swaggered like a warrior born to wear iron, while her pale eyes suited the helmet’s eye-mask like the sun the summer sky. ‘And here’s me a dirt-poor farmer with no loot to hand over…’ 

Nehalennia raised the bottle like an axe. ‘Hand over your gold or I’ll make you drink this whole bottle of slop!’ 

‘Gold? But I’m just a poor peasant with a few bits of copper.’

‘You’re not worth killing then.’ She handed over the bottle. ‘Drown your miserable life.’