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Straker Ragnarok 1


I am too late! Grandmaster Wu lamented as he flew beneath the moon. Mandalay is surely already dead… 

For a day and a night he had been flying, soaring across the thousand miles of tundra that separated Castle Dragonheim’s tall halls from the warm world of secret forests and silken cities and starlit deserts dark in the night. 

The Dragonheim library has far too many intoxicating tomes to distract and enchant and to steal time like thieves in the night. If only the months did not pass like hours each time I peruse their ancient pages. What a bookish old boffin I am becoming!

Yet Wu, being a dragon, looked nothing like a bookish old boffin. His enchanted aura shimmered like rainbow skies glimpsed through sudden summer squalls, while little lightning bolts licked along his golden scales and over his eight curving horns. His teeth stood like racked scimitars, though he rarely opened his mouth to reveal them, needing neither to eat nor speak as mortal creatures do, for his evolved thoughts were able to leap from mind to mind, while his energy came not from the flesh of beasts, but flowed from sparkling celestial streams which danced through his cosmic eyes like sprays of stars seen from afar.

Onward through the night Wu flew, worrying about his dying friend: If Mandalay does not survive, then who will train the Angel of Ragnarok for war? Nobody else is anywhere near as… qualified… as Mandalay. 

Don’t die Mandalay, live. Live.


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Now for my momentous question: Do you like or dislike Grandmaster Wu? He plays an important part in Ragnarok, and is something of a Machiavellian puppet master, among other things. In fact I have based him more than a little on my childhood Kung Fu master (well, besides the immortality and the dragon transformation). Let me know what you think. And tell me anything else you like or dislike about the story, the pace, the setting, the humor, or the atmosphere.

Unfortunately I must also add as a legal disclaimer that I will not be accepting any specific suggestions regarding plot or characters. 

Oh, and do you find Mandalay offensive? If so, you had better not read this book. He is a righteous knight, but also a frontline grunt, with the sort of barrack-room sense of humor which not everybody enjoys.

On the whole though, I think that Ragnarok is suitable for young teens through to adults. There is a trend for authors now to pepper dialogue with expletives, and to spell out the act of fornication in detailed steps, as though providing an instruction manual. I find that style quite comical, and though some of my characters are quite romantic, I would never disrespect them by describing them in terms of sausages and meatballs ? except of course in a humorous context. What do you think? Agree or disagree? Gmail me:

BTW I know my video is lame. I want to cast Vin Diesel as Grandmaster Wu, with a gray goatee and some wrinkles, but don't have that kind of budget yet. If your name is Ridley Scott... let's do lunch.

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Maximillian Straker


Straker Ragnarok 1

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