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Antara Northraven is a gap-toothed prankster with icy eyes and a pair of scruffy blonde plaits. Her parents dream of marrying her off to handsome young Varg Skallagrimm from the neighbouring farm, but Antara seems to be more interested in hunting wolves and galloping her stallion around the Hardrada estate than in tidying her hair and presenting herself in a suitable manner. She also dreams of sailing away to plunder the hot southern lands of her grandfather’s fireside tales.

Antara’s family know she is special, some might say peculiar, but none suspect that she may turn out to be the Queen of the North and the Angel of Skydra, the powerful warlord prophesied to seize the Arcadian crown, to unite all the realms of Skydra, and to save the world from tumbling into Hell at Megiddom, the War of Endings.

Antara is volume one of a five-book series inspired by Norse mythology. Publication details will be announced as soon as they are available. Until then I will be posting free chapters and short stories on this site. Thank you for visiting. For all enquires please email